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Pulse Check for Oct. 14, 2021

October 14, 2021 University of Maryland, Baltimore Season 1
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Updates include UMB Travel Guidance (0:44), UMB COVID-19 Contractors Guidance (1:07), UMB Cure Scholars MPT Documentary (1:34), the new issue of 1807: An Art & Literary Journal (2:06), and advice from Etta Kitt (3:00).

Jena Frick:

You're listening to the heartbeat of the University of Maryland Baltimore, the UMB Pulse! Welcome to the UMB Pulse Check for October 14. I'm Jena Frick. This is a bonus episode to get you caught up on the COVID-19 guidances and other upcoming events. After the Pulse Check you will hear from Etta Kitt from the Decorum Forum on tips navigating the office in the new environment. We anticipate at least one more of these Pulse Checks before we should be able to go back to our regular schedule. And here's your Pulse Check for October 14. University of Maryland Baltimore travel guidance has aligned its policies with the University of Maryland Medical Center. No major updates to the policy itself have been made. But as a reminder, work related domestic and international travel is allowed with review and approval. Students must receive permission from their school for university related domestic travel. While international student travel policies remain unchanged. COVID-19 guidance for contractors has been revised with two key changes. UMB requires contractors who provide direct service and engagement with individuals and or public facing functions on a routine basis to comply with the UMB vaccination requirement. There is no vaccination requirement for contractors who primarily work with equipment. However, these individuals must still adhere to the safety requirements for non-vaccinated individuals as set forth by UMB. The UMB Cure Scholars will star in an upcoming documentary on Maryland Public Television. Students Shakeer, Princaya, Tyler, Courtney and Davioin, are challenged like never before, as they navigate life in West Baltimore during a global pandemic and a time of civil unrest across the nation. Watch these five students in the documentary "10th and 11th Grade from West Baltimore." The program will air at 9pm Monday October 25 on Maryland Public Television and is available to view on demand at 1807 is back! The new issue of UMB's arts and literary journal 1807 tells the story of the last 18 months and shows how art has helped transform our grief and isolation from the pandemic into a celebration of healing, renewal and hope. Sixty-seven artists' creations were chosen for the newest issue from over 235 pieces of artwork submitted. The journal features artwork and literary creations from UMB staff, faculty, students and alumni as well as University of Maryland Medical Center employees and West Baltimore neighbors. It is made possible by the UMB Council for the Arts and Culture. To read the latest issue of 1807 and to find links for each of the updates mentioned in this episode, visit the UMB pulse podcast page at and click on the chapter markers for this episode. And that's your Pulse Check!

Charles Schelle:

We are happy to have Etta Kitt join us on the podcast today live from the Decorum Forum where Etta will give us tips and pointers on how to gracefully and politely navigate the landscape returning to campus and let's hear what's on the answering machine for Etta.

Dana Rampolla:

My co-worker frequently comes into my office without a mask on. How do I politely tell her she's not following our polic? I don't want to hurt her feelings. Signed, Tiptoeing Through Life.

Etta Kitt:

Dear Tiptoeing Through Life, Feeling schmealings! Our policies are put in place to help keep our UMB community healthy and safe. The cooperation of everyone makes this possible. Try" Hey, time to mask up my friend. It's not only the 'in' thing to do, it's freakin policy!" It will take some time before everyone gets used to the new landscape on campus and that is expected. Ease into it, why don't ya? Stay sweet, Etta Kitt. Do you have a question for Etta Kitt? That's me! Send me your return to campus questions at That's E-T-T-A K-I-T-T! I'll answer them right here. All submissions are between you and me and my inbox. Stay safe and be kind to everyone!

Jena Frick:

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